Invitation to a party! - well almost!

Invitation to a party! - well almost!

Hello Darlings

I feel like when this is all over we should all have a huge party to celebrate just to see each other. Gosh I miss you all. One thing this has shown me is that I so look forward to your faces coming in the door, helping you choose clothes or gifts or something for yourself and seeing you walk out happy. Catching up and having a chat. I miss that. I really do.

Its such good news we are going to Level 3 on Monday and that on Tuesday we can ship till our hearts content. We have a new click and collect system should you choose that, we will email you a time to collect your items and a secure contactless location for pickup. Of course you are still welcome to choose to have your items shipped or if you are local I can drop them off at your door, just write me a note in the special instructions box. I’ll be instore most days and you can come and point and look through the window and I can even try things on for you! I know a lot of you regulars aren’t so much about online shopping and I totally get that so message me, email me, text me and I can help you with anything.

We’ve managed to get through four weeks with little to no income. I am beyond grateful to you for your online orders, I know some of you have bought just because you want to help, each order made me so happy. So many are from people who have supported us right from the very beginning and some from people who have just found us, every order warms my heart. Thank you.

I honestly don’t know if we will get through another four weeks so I’m going to ask if you can help me, please do. Its not really my style to ask but I don’t want to loose my store, I’m not done yet. I will be so grateful. I wish I could do like a crowd funding thing or something but I would want to do it for every small business in NZ not just mine!

I promised last week a few snaps of our finished projects at home. Heres a few pictures. We live in a large barn for want of another word, its kind of like a New York Loft. Its a total work in progress and kind of like camping but all year round but with a proper roof. I know a lot of you couldn’t imagine living this way but its not so bad, I’ve got used to it now and its just normal for me. We really don’t need much in our lives, just the ones we love, (and I need my store) My husband has been home most of the lockdown and has started on a bathroom, started being the key word. It would be nice not to do another winter with an outside shower! You can see from the photos there is always building materials sitting around waiting to be used! If you want to see more you can follow my personal page @clarechapmanxx



Our son Matthew lives on the farm too and he’s built himself a very cool little shack which he moved into the first week of lockdown. Stella (my granddaughter who’s 7 and adores her uncle) does his housework and he pays her $5 a week, so far she’s doing pretty well with it! She’s saving up for roller skates post lockdown.


Mothers day is coming up and we will still be at Level 3 so we have some ideas for gifts we can send out and directly to your mum if needed We will post lots of ideas on our stories starting next week so don’t forget to look. I think our vouchers would make perfect gifts for this too and these can also be emailed direct to your mum. These start at $10 and you can have any amount at all.

If you are still reading, I’m sorry for the novel, my daughter Kaitlin said, mum, its very long! Well I had lots to say today. Stay safe, be kind, virtual hugs to you all.

Clare xx