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Update your bedding with new arrivals from Castle and Things.

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Hello Darling came from a desire to curate a collection of beautiful things sourced from small businesses in New Zealand and Australia together with things we just had to have.  Things we love and hope that you will too. Businesses that practise love and kindness and are family.  To name a few, Twenty-seven Names, Stolen Girlfriends, Gregory, Laing, Saben, Kate Sylvester and Sage and Clare


Why choose us?
Family Owned

We are a family owned chasing-a-dream business and we know you have so much choice when shopping so we are always so grateful when you choose us. We do a little happy dance every time an online order comes in, it makes our day, its like the first sale of the for day instore always makes us happy too. Thank you for choosing us, for choosing small and for choosing local.

The Happiness Project

We as a family and as a business believe that if you project happiness and positivity it will in turn come back to you so we surround ourselves with beauty and people who like us, want the same things, always choose happiness, be kind and always be grateful.   If you know of anyone in our community that needs extra help  please let us know so that we can do what we can to make their lives happier.

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