Wardrobe Styling

I love clothes
I love fashion.

I love every body shape and believe we can all wear what we want and love, just changing it up as we get older.  

I believe fashion is ageless and no matter what your budget I believe everyone can look and feel beautiful.

I also believe that less is more and that whats in our wardrobes needs to be worn.

I will come and do a wardrobe edit for you, putting things together you didn’t even realise you had or I can put together an outfit for you for special occasions, whatever you like.
I can shop for you or send you shopping, I can write you lists and tell you where to go. I can makeover your whole wardrobe or just tidy it for you.

I can pack your bags for your travelling wardrobes, believe me I’m the best packer!

I charge $150 per hour for this, in home or out, whatever you like.

Interior Styling

I love to style homes. I love how you can move everything around and feel like you have new things.
Its something Im very passionate about and love doing
While I used to be an Interior Designer I now think Im more  an Interior Stylist. Quite different things. 

I don’t believe in perfect homes, I believe in warm, inviting, beautiful spaces that reflect the person or people that live there.

I love homes to tell a story, a place to come home to and a place that you love to come home to.

I will use what you have, move things around, source things or send you to buy things, find things for you, putting it all together to make your space warm, happy and much loved. Whatever you require.

I will spend an hour or six, whatever you like, I will write you lists, I’ll help you with a  shopping list, I’ll tell you where to go, I will make simple and easy changes, I will give you a new look, a new sofa, a mirror, a bunch of foraged flowers, whatever it takes, just a room or a whole house, the choice is yours. 

I charge $150 per hour and believe me I can get a lot done in one hour