At home with owner Clare Chapman & husband Peter

At home with owner Clare Chapman & husband Peter

We’ve had a few homes now, each one quite different and we’ve always wanted to live in a New York Loft type home.

Now its just us at home we can do that, essentially living in a big open light filled space.

Decorating such a space is a wee bit more difficult as there aren’t many walls, so we have had to create ‘rooms’.  It's also harder to keep the flow going as there are no divisions but we have created spaces with furniture, plants, moveable pieces and colour.

We are huge believers in reusing building materials and have sheds full of old things that can be repurposed.  We do everything on a budget and until recently mostly ourselves.  We now have an amazing builder who helps us alot and can see my visions for everything exactly.

Our space is full of light and sunshine.  White walls are always my trademark, alabaster by Resenes has been my go to white forever.  Colour is then introduced.  I love colour.  It brings happiness and joy.



I chose a pink kitchen because pink is my favourite colour.  It was a risk but as my husband said, the worst that could happen is that I would have to paint the cabinetry.  Its perfect though, we love it!

We have underfloor heating in the floors so its always warm and cosy and north facing means the sun streams in in the mornings.  A lot of people think we are mad and could never live like this but its us and we love it.  We’ve never been very conventional and we like to be different.  I have many more homes in me so this won’t be my last adventure.  

Clare x