PRE ORDER Mini Arnoldino Circus Stool - Red
Arnold Circus Stool

PRE ORDER Mini Arnoldino Circus Stool - Red

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The sweetest stools for the next generation! If you thought the Arnold Circus Stool was cool, check out these little minis.

Martino Gamper is a designer based in London. Arnold Circus is situated in the heart of Shoreditch. Built on the rubble of the old slums it is part of the Boundary Estate, London’s first social housing project, and houses an eight-sided bandstand.

The Arnold Circus Stool was designed in 2006 by Martino Gamper as part of a regeneration project. The rotation moulded polyethene plastic stools are used as the official seating for all annual events held at Arnold Circus, including picnics, brass band concerts, and board game tournaments.

These are a new generation of Martino’s Circus Stools, made in New Zealand for the first time, from 100% recyclable polyethene plastic. 

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