We Love Our Customers

We Love Our Customers

Happy Mothers Day to all you mums out there.
Being a mum is the one amazing thing I have done with my life. It defines who I am. 

Its a privilege to hear your stories and to get to know you all.  
On Monday one of our lovely customers came instore and told Kaitlin it was a beautiful day and she was going to buy herself some things that bought her joy.

 I especially love these stories
 She wanted things that bought her joy, that were colourful, happy and smelt good, she wandered around and took everything in.

She chose Sage and Clare pillow cases for her front porch to sit next too her marigold door, she said the patterns made her feel happy.

She chose Bohemia tea to sip on her front porch, a candle called 'Wonder' because she was wondering that day, a bar of soap because the scent lifted her spirits, everything had a purpose and a reason.  I truly hope these all bought her the joy she was after, I'm sure they did, the story bought me so much joy.

Then there was the boy who came in on Thursday, he was in a school uniform, back pack on his back, he looked at everything and settled on a white cup, he was so polite and lovely, I gift wrapped it for him and popped in our gift with purchase for the week, he was the sweetest child, his mum has done good.

Saturday was such a busy happy day, theres a lot of amazing dads around here, coming in with their kids in tow, patiently letting them choose gifts, buying for their wives and their mums, you cant help but be happy when everyone is so nice.

You've all been so kind about Chelsey coming home and so happy for us, one of my favs came in yesterday to pick up an online order and asked how it had been with Chelsey home, how I was with her leaving and when I was going to book to go visit her, I said I had made myself a pact that if today was a good day instore I would go home and book a ticket, she looked around and said, I'll buy this coat, that will get you there, now go home and book a flight.  Well I went home and booked the flight, had a wee cry for the kindness of people and now I have a flight to Melbourne to look forward too. Thank you.
I'm so grateful for you all.
Happy Sunday my friends.

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