Smart Buys

Smart Buys

Itʼs timeless, classic, well made and suits everyone. Their fabrics are divine, their workmanship is outstanding and the research they put into each collection is second to none.

A well-organised wardrobe only needs a couple of new pieces each season to keep it updated and on-trend. Buying classic pieces extends the life of your wardrobe by years. I still have key pieces I bought 20 years ago in mine. I will tire of them before they wear out.

Kowtows Building Block range is designed to be worn all year round, layered, updated and easy. It suits everyone, no matter what shape or size you are. They have just bought in XXS into the building block range and go up to XL. I even sleep in their singlet dresses, they feel so good on your skin.

Kowtow Building Block is also very affordable, itʼs the same price as most chain store mall labels but itʼs organic, itʼs fair trade, the people that make the clothes are paid a proper wage, they get a housing allowance, their children are helped to go to school, they work normal hours, their quality of life is better because of Kowtow. When you wear their clothes you can feel proud to be supporting an ethical business.

Each year this company and their collection grows. Iʼve just seen and ordered for summer and itʼs their best collection yet. I do seem to say that every time though! It is the label we stock the most of instore, we are proud to stock this label and we love that you, our customers love it as much as we do.

Come say hi and see whatʼs new or have a peek online.

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