My take on what to wear to a wedding

My take on what to wear to a wedding
I get a lot of messages from women searching for the perfect dress for their daughter or sons wedding

The traditional Mother of the Bride (MOB) outfit is fairly old fashioned these days. If you search the hashtag on insta you will see a lot of plain boring outfits, hats and generally something that makes you look ten years older than you are.

I know the day isn’t about you but I do feel its important to look and feel your best as the photos last a lifetime.

I personally have had two weddings that I was a MOB and the first I left it too late to find a dress, I had one made and it wasn’t right so I bought another one. The dress was beautiful, it was from Trelise Cooper and I had seen it the season before at fashion week and thought it was the one but it didn’t become available until a week before the wedding and I didn’t want to leave it that late, hence the one I got made.

The dress was gorgeous, but the slip wasn’t right under it and I left that too late to find another. It was a busy day, nothing went to plan, the weather turned to winter over night and froze. The slip is plainly obvious in the photos, too short for the dress and it was made of uncomfortable fabric. I still have the dress though, I haven’t worn it, but I’ll keep it forever because its so beautiful.

The second wedding I bought my dress around 8 months before the wedding, never wore it, wanted to though, it was a beautiful Zimmerman one and I still absolutely love and adore it and have worn it lots since.

The moral of this story is to buy the dress eight months out, or six, or four, just make sure you buy it when all the new season drops. You are spoilt for choice around September/October/November and then its a huge tick on the list of millions of things to do. I feel like its actually the first thing you should do when planning your Childs wedding, then its done and dusted.

We have some beautiful dresses instore now that would be perfect for those summer weddings whether you are the MOB or not. You’ll wear them again, dressed down with sneakers or sandals or boots and a jacket in winter, its money well spent if you will wear it again. I know some can’t spend a lot on an outfit, its a very expensive time but there are lots of options around. We often have customers bring other items of clothing in to match things and try on, Ive even had customers bring in their complete outfits, not bought from the store, just to ask me to see what I think. I love that they feel comfortable to do that.

Make sure you also wear comfortable shoes on the day as you’re on your feet for probably 18 hours, make sure you get your hair and makeup done as well, and one of my biggest tips is to get that trialled before hand. A trial makeup is not expensive and money very very well spent. I don’t wear makeup much and I didn’t think I needed to get it done but my daughter (makeup artist Kaitlin) said I had to and she was right, the photos look so much better with makeup on and a strong lip.

My other tip is to match your husband/partner to your dress, do this by way of a tie or a handkerchief - just the same colours as you are wearing, its a simple as that.

If you have a big wedding coming up Im happy to help you get ready for it. I love to put clothes on people. I always say there is nothing in the store that you cant wear at any age.

Clare xx