June Musings

June Musings

Spending time at home has made me read a lot of things and scroll instagram a lot.  I've found some really amazing inspiring people while doing this. I will share a few of my favs with you. Some of them make me laugh a lot, others just warm my heart. 

 A local blog, www.sisterhoodofstyle.com - Emma is on a cancer journey and has written a blog about her right boob. She's an absolute joy and her social media is colourful and bright and positive and upbeat @sisterhoodofstylenz

Another one that will make you laugh alot is @theretirementhouse - also on tiktok and YouTube - six retirees having a huge amount of fun with life, I honestly want to go hang out with them. Then theres the brothers Luke and Scott, @lukeandsassyscott - their reels will have you in fits of laughter, especially their older ones (except if you are offended by bad language don't watch them) 

Then of course theres my favs - the Royals, oh my goodness how beautiful was the Jubilee and all the family and the children, how gorgeous are they. I'm obsessed!  I think the Queen would have been very very proud of them all and I hope she loved every minute of the celebrations.  Heres a few others I love following - @hydeboutique in Oamaru, they do try ons all the time and have just moved to a new shop, lots of great labels too, @pipedwards from PE Nation, honestly she looks like she has the best life, my Wellington friend Belinda, @belindajulieb cause she has the best wardrobe and I live vicariously through her shopping purchases, then theres local girl @brookefairgray for her colour and realness, I could go on and on.  

Hopefully one of the above brings you a smile.