The Bee Pasture Kit
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The Bee Pasture Kit

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The packaging of this kit is biodegradable, even the clear window is made from cornstarch.

  • Wildflower seed mix with 25 varieties including: Borage, Phacelia, Echium, Californian Poppy etc.

  • 3 x Peat pots, 3 x Peat pellets and 3 x plant labels

  • Bees Wax Wrap recipe

  • Instructions for growing the seeds

  1. Sow early Spring. Cover the peat pellet with hot water and wait for it to rise and expand and then place into the peat pot.

  2. Sprinkle some of your seed mix over the expanded pellet and then cover the seeds and gently firm down. Keep the soil moist but not wet over the next 5-12 days for germination to occur.

  3. Once the seeds have germinated and are approx 5-10cm tall, you can take them out side to harden them up. You can do this by putting them outside during the day and bringing them back inside at night for a few days.

  4. Then plant the peat pot directly into the soil in a warm sunny area or in pot. The bees will then find their way to the flowers to pollinate them and the others around them.

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