Margarita Necklace - Parguito

Margarita Necklace - Parguito

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Pearls will always remind me of Margarita Island, back home in Venezuela. Me & my family visited that magical place every summer. Foreign travellers and locals would comb the beaches selling all sorts of beautiful things. From onsite made ceviche, to ice creams, temporary tattoos, to cocktails and of course handmade jewellery. However, what really got me was the freshwater pearl necklaces sold by foreigners to fund their travels throughout South America. I found this absolutely fascinating and inspiring. Even though and given the current situation of the country this does not happen anymore... pearls will always remind me of summer holidays, my grandma, balmy summer nights and bright hot days spent in the waters of The Caribbean. May either of these necklaces bring you these amazing feelings when wearing it.

Named after notable spots in Margarita Island you can choose between three pearl shape options: 

  • Parguito features a 3mm free-form pearl.
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