Kids Croppers Seed Set
Kids Croppers Seed Set
Kids Croppers Seed Set
Kids Croppers Seed Set
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Kids Croppers Seed Set

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Unleash a child's inner green thumb with this Seed Set. Let them learn about how scrumptious a harvest can be, all grown from such tiny seeds. They'll be begging for veges for dinner before you know it. 

The Kids Cropper Seed Set includes:

  • Beans, Berrgold
  • Carrot, Purple Dragon
  • Corn, Honey & Pearl
  • Capsicum, Colour Mix
  • Marigold, Nemo Mix
  • Peas, Petit Provencal 
  • Radish, Gourmet Blend 
  • Watermelon, Sugar Baby


We’ve handpicked this seasonal edit to grow over the next three-six month period. However, there are significant seasonal and climatic variations within the length and breadth of New Zealand. You will know your own conditions best. Refer to the Growing Guide on our website for seasonal, specific seed information and growing instructions.

This seed set is designed to be planted in your own vegetable garden or planter

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