Ecomax Cooks Soap & Saver
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Ecomax Cooks Soap & Saver

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The Eco Max Cook’s Soap Saver combines a natural vegetable oil soap with a hand knotted Hemp Soap Saver. The extra large 300g hand-rolled soap uses Ceylon Green Tea and the essential oil of Lemongrass, for its anti-microbial and deodorising properties, keeping your hands smelling fresh and clean even while handling food. Hemp is naturally anti-bacterial, strong and beautiful, an ideal natural material for a soap saver bag. It hangs conveniently from the tap, so it’s always accessible, neater than a messy soap dish taking up precious bench space and better for the planet than a plastic container of liquid soap. Our soaps contain no Palm Oil, artificial fragrances, colourings or chemicals, just organic coconut and olive oil with essential oils from the home of spices, Sri Lanka.