Beeswax Hand Poured Pillars
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Beeswax Hand Poured Pillars

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Beckah Candles are all made from 100% locally sourced Beeswax.  Beeswax has a subtle honey aroma and when burned the flame has the same spectrum as the sun.    Beeswax can range in colour from darker to lighter golden yellow hues, it all depends on what the bees were pollinating at the time. 

The Traditional Large Pillar is similar to a church candle, it's made to burn for a longer amount of time.   Pillar candles should be given time to burn to the sides to create a memory, this can often take up to four hours.   Allowing your candle time to create a memory, helps your candle to last longer and not tunnel.

Large Pillar - 14cm at highest point by 7cm


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