Aluminium Free Deodorant Butter Patchouli & Lime
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Aluminium Free Deodorant Butter Patchouli & Lime

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Our Aluminium Free Deodorant Butter will leave you feeling and smelling fresh.  Our unique formula is incredibly effective against odours without the use of harsh chemicals.  Make the switch to an all Natural Deodorant, you will not regret it.  We use organic coconut oil as a base because of the wonderful moisturising qualities, Sodium Bicarbonate is used to kill odour causing bacteria. Patchouli and Lime essential oils add the soothing aroma!

A happy customer -  Kim from New Zealand:  “After trailing a range of natural deodorants I found the one of your competitors to be the only one that worked and hence have been using that for a while. After trailing yours I am absolutely loving it, I am a convert as I believe it to be even better. It lasts all day and my clothes and myself still smell fresh even after a bit of exercise. I also gave my sister in law some to try as she is a heavy sweater and uses the clinical protection one from the supermarket and she is also a convert.  Congratulations on coming up with such a great product”.

Use it in conjunction with our All Natural Shaving Foam for Women. If staining on clothing appears, you can remove with a bit of our Dishwashing Liquid (both of them contain citrus), or a squeeze of lemon on the stain.


  • 60gm Tin


Organic coconut oil, organic New Zealand beeswax, tapioca starch, sodium bicarbonate, patchouli & lime essential oils.

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