My Take On Style

My Take On Style

Style can not be bought.

Style is an art.

Style does not come from buying expensive clothes or expensive things for your home

Style is about putting things together to express the person you are and what you feel comfortable with

Style is not about buying expensive clothes or making sure you have the most up to date looks. Its definitely not about labels.

Style can be found everywhere, on the streets, in boutiques, in op shops, in bargain bins, in junk shops, your mother and grandmothers wardrobes.  Absolutely everywhere.

Style to me however is always about how a person wears their clothes, the fabric, how it feels, how it hangs and how things are made, your clothes should always be clean and ironed.  Yes ironed!  I know a lot of people who don’t iron, I don’t know how they manage!  I used to clean a house for a family and I had to iron their underwear!  Clothes should also be in good condition.  Often cheaper cottons don’t hold the dyes and become faded and worn looking very quickly. If you need to mend your clothes, do it or take it to someone to mend.  Stains, if your clothes have stains please don’t wear them out unless they are under something.  Your clothes should be comfortable. I don’t mean sweat pant comfortable either, I don’t think even if you spent a huge amount of money on sweatpants they can ever look good!  Fine for round the house, just don’t wear them out!  Its all just basic etiquette really.  If you feel comfortable in your clothes you will feel good about yourself.

Accessories make an outfit, its an old saying but quite a true one, shoes and bags, wallets and sunglasses.  I’ve never been into jewellery and I believe you should only own what you can wear at once and I’ve always been a less is more in that department.  Plus I would forget to change it.

It’s interesting to see images these days where people think they need a ‘label’ to be admired.  It doesn’t work that way.  Style comes from within, its how you put an outfit together and its also about your attitude. It also tells a story about the person you are and the life you lead.

Personally I am obsessed with handbags.  The last time I bought a handbag was when we sold a house about 12 years ago, thats the last time I bought a handbag, and so you see, things do last, quality is always the better option, workmanship and craftsmanship mean a lot to me, my handbags will be used by my grandchildren one day and they will have the story to tell.

It takes awhile to find your style but once you have it I think its a testament to the person you are, its instantly recognisable and its timeless.  dressing should be fun, expressive and above all else affordable for wherever you are in life.

I think a person should be admired for her smile, her eyes, her kindness, her honesty, her style, and not what label she wore or what she paid for it.

Be happy, its beautiful xx