To me the word Mother means so much more than just a woman who has had a child

To me Mothers come in all shapes and forms

Becoming a mother comes with a huge responsibility. The responsibility to love unconditionally, to protect, to put your children first, to nurture, to love, to teach, to set an example for, to always show kindness, to be patient, to keep safe, to be fair, to discipline and so many more things.
I know a lot of amazing mothers, a lot of them come from my childrens generation, I see two of my daughters already becoming better mothers than I was. I also know some mothers that shouldn’t have been mothers.

Not everyone who is lucky enough to become a mother is a good mother.  That is their choice.

There are so many women who are mothers without giving birth to a child, so many women influence and nuture children that aren’t their own.  I think this is amazing.  We need to be grateful to these women.

I had someone growing up that wasn’t my mum but taught me lots, how to blow wave my hair, how to cook for huge crowds, how to be brave with design, she was a huge part of my childhood. In later years I had another one who helped me when my first child was born, who taught me things like colour co-ordinating my linen cupboard, how to not expect too much from my marriage, how to listen because she always listened to me. I still love her for that.

I also had a grand mother who was everything to me, who helped others tirelessly and was always so joyful, who was the best cook and the kindest person I have ever met to this day. Mothers really do take all shapes and forms.

I love being a mother.  It defines the person I am.  Its all I ever wanted to be.  Everything else in my life is just a bonus.  It wasn’t easy raising my four children but I did it and they are my best friends now. All I ever wanted was to be a better mother than I had and I think I achieved that.

If you have the chance to become a mum to your own or to others, do it.  Its the most rewarding career you will ever have.

Happy Mothers Day

Clare xx